Intentional Formation for Christian Marriage

There are three main target stages included in this proposal to be developed, planned, and implemented in the next five years (2010-2015).

1. Proximate preparation/education. Through appropriate catechesis, a more specific preparation for and rediscovery of the sacraments will be developed, to help youth and young adults in the discernment of God’s plan in their lives and their vocation, in particular for the vocation of marriage and family life.

2. Immediate Preparation. Through appropriate catechesis engaged couples will have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the mystery of Christ and the Church, a fuller understanding of grace and the responsibility of Christian Marriage and a practical preparation for taking an active and conscious part in the rites of the marriage liturgy.

3. Pastoral Care after marriage. There are particular challenges that married couples, single parents and step couples must face at certain developmental periods or passages of their marital lives. Ongoing education, pastoral care and spiritual support for all of them must continue to engage them in the discernment of God’s plan for them. Recognizing that remote preparation begins in early childhood and includes all family types as well as other environmental factors that influence and prepare the person in a positive and/or negative way for marriage; we have faith that by taking care of this stage we will also take care of the remote marriage preparation/education of the next generation.