The Methodology of Implementation

To help us in this journey, we will draw on the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults as a model for implementation:

The "Sponsor Couple" Approach

Communication Skills Workshops

The Diocesan Marriage Initiative includes an extensive training in relationship skills including communication skills.  The initiative highlights the partnership with Healthy Relationship California (HRC), a pioneering non-profit organization that works throughout California to improve the well-being of children by strengthening the relationship of parents through Marriage Education and Relationship Skills classes.  This approach complements and supports the Marriage Initiative by providing specific skills and knowledge necessary for marital stability, strengthening marriages and reducing family breakdown.  By recognizing that faith-based organizations are important and have the potential to deliver marriage education and relationship skills to couples and individuals, HRC has provided a grant to the Diocese of San Bernardino through the Office of Catechetical Ministry.