It is a matter of reaching out to everyone, of needing to help each person find his or her proper
way of participating in the ecclesial community and thus to experience being touched by
an ´unmerited, unconditional and gratuitous´ mercy.”
-Pope Francis, Amoris Laetitia #297


We, the Catholic Divorce Ministry Council, serving under the Office of Marriage and

Family Life Ministry, seek to expand and support ministry programs that will

embrace families in transition due to divorce or separation. We will offer a

spiritual and emotional path to healing through education and support to those

in need of comfort and hope. Working in collaboration with clergy, parish, and

lay/peer leadership, we will train facilitators, promote awareness, and offer

resources for parish-based groups.


Provide guidance and support to parish ministries for separated and divorced to make individuals

feel welcomed and loved in the church community.

Journey of Hope